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{September 11, 2005}   Metroid Rap Update 4
Just when I start to think I’m so cool, I get brought back down to earth. This new message board I found my song on was all the rage about knocking my lyrics. See for yourself click here. Oh well you can’t win’em all. As Rick James would have said, "You were as cold as ice!"

{September 10, 2005}   Kanye West Hates Bald People

{September 10, 2005}   The Worst Movie Ever Made

I maybe going out on a limb here, but my vote goes to the 1985 film “SHE” as the worst movie ever made. This was hard to say because I’ve seen so many horrible, awful, and just… “huh?” movies in my life time. But the one thing about “SHE” that put it at the top of my list is that no one should see this film. Most other terribly bad movies are worth a watch for comical reasons or to see why it is so bad, but not “SHE.” I felt sick while watching it and it put me in a bad mood the rest of the day. It is a little over a hour and a half but it seems like over three hours easy. I have only seen it once and that is enough for me. If you want a plot summery it goes like this: “In a backward post-apocalyptic world, She aids two brothers’ quest to rescue their kidnapped sister. Along the way, they battle orgiastic werewolves, a psychic communist, a tutu-wearing giant, a mad scientist, and gladiators before standing against the odds to defeat the evil Norks.” Wow, that may not seem so bad right?…WRONG! I left out the part where the clones of Popeye come out for a musical number. Or when the vampires try to turn the lead singer for “Dexie’s Midnight Runners” into one of them. One good thing I will say about the movie is the box art. When you see the art just make up a story and you will have a hundred times better experience then watching it. For fear that the video might be cursed, I made my brother watch it. (So the little “Ring” girl wouldn’t kill me in seven days). Think “The Road Warrior” if you were drunk, high, tripping bad acid, and had malaria. That is what “SHE” is all about. Avoid it at all coast.

{September 5, 2005}   Metroid Rap update: 3
After messing around on a few search site I came accross my Metroid rap on 5 other forums: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. Click on one to see what people are saying.

{September 5, 2005}   Metroid Rap: Update 2
I’m so happy that my song is catching on with the internet. I put it on a underground Hip Hop message boardDark Chi on the 1up.com blogs posted my lyrics, and the Metroid rap is featured on "Symphony of Samus" cd in the UK. Xerxes has added Metroid to his fav. list. It has also been played on Remix Raido.  If all goes well, it will keep on spreading. Someone already wants to do a flash on it. I hope this is the start of something good. If we are creative and no one else experiences it, whats the point? Oh, and if you have not downloaded it yet, it is under my profile. Enjoy

{September 3, 2005}   Old School
After watching a 80’s throwback on "Cheat"(a show on G4). I thought I would go back a play some old NES games. Mario Bros., beat it in 30 min. Zelda, beat it in 3 hours. Metroid, still working on it, 2 days and counting. I have not expressed this much rage for a game sence Tomb Raider. After the 17th time of dieing in the same spot, I then started to beat my bed like a wild gorilla. Its not that the game is so hard as much as it is that I suck at it. Oh well, I’ll keep on trying.

{September 2, 2005}   What If ? #1
What if Larry Dunn of Earth Wind & Fire had two sons? The 1st being Ludacris and the 2nd being Shane Docks?

Conspiracy Theory? Maybe. Cover up? Could be. Quincidence? I think not.

{September 2, 2005}   Fighting them lb. son!
I started running on the treadmill last Sunday. So far I have lost 5 lb. from running and 7 lb. from a soup diet two weeks ago. I have more energy and am not so tired. I will update on more of my weight lose as it comes. Till then Fight Them LB. Son!

{August 31, 2005}   Fergie’s Chillin

Even if I’m not so crazy about the Peas, there is one thing that I can’t deny, Fergie can rap. That white girl can out-play, not only females, but most white rappers today. I’m sick of all these crackers trying to rap with a broken style or some ghetto southern accent. Other then the underground group “Mega Hertz,” I have yet to here a white rapper with the sound of true Hip Hop. The one thing I like about the Peas is Fergie’s flow, or the Rasta vibe she puts out. It’s not just good for a white girl, it’s just sounds good. White rap needs to break out of this Eminem mode. Instead of sounding like E, people should be trying to emulate some of Hip Hop founding fathers like: Rakem, Melly Mel, Tribe Called Quest, Nas, even LL. So if you want to become a rapper please do some homework on the ones that started the game.

{August 28, 2005}   Xbox 360
The new Xbox is comming out in Nov. I have one on hold and can’t wait to get me grubie little hands on one. The first game I’m going to get is…FIFA 06. You can see why by the video I have playing. Let’s just hope Billy Gates does not screw this one up or I will be forced to play E.T. on Atari.

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