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{September 16, 2005}   TGS WTF?

Ok, what in the name of Bill and Ted is going on? Nintendo’s new controller is modeled after a TV remote control? How is being modeled after a 20 year old invention supposed to new and innovated? And why do I need my other hand free when playing videogames? Oh ya! So I can pet my cat and chop onions while I play. This is a great Invention If you got your arm blown off in WWII. Thank goodness for third party controllers that will make a two handed one. On another subject "let’s rehash Snake again in another Metal Gear and let’s make him old as dirt." That is one of the most ignorant ideas I’ve heard since that retarded controller. MGS2 was cool because you played as someone rather then Snake, but everyone whined and moaned that Raiden was a jackass. Now Metal Gear is just an money making sequel cranker. I wouldn’t have said this two years ago, but it’s a good thing that Microsoft is in the consol game, so I can play reliable games with both of my hands.


{September 3, 2005}   Old School
After watching a 80’s throwback on "Cheat"(a show on G4). I thought I would go back a play some old NES games. Mario Bros., beat it in 30 min. Zelda, beat it in 3 hours. Metroid, still working on it, 2 days and counting. I have not expressed this much rage for a game sence Tomb Raider. After the 17th time of dieing in the same spot, I then started to beat my bed like a wild gorilla. Its not that the game is so hard as much as it is that I suck at it. Oh well, I’ll keep on trying.

{August 28, 2005}   Xbox 360
The new Xbox is comming out in Nov. I have one on hold and can’t wait to get me grubie little hands on one. The first game I’m going to get is…FIFA 06. You can see why by the video I have playing. Let’s just hope Billy Gates does not screw this one up or I will be forced to play E.T. on Atari.

{July 21, 2005}   PSP=big pile of junk
After just three months my PSP stoped reading cds. For no reason at all. Playstation is the biggest pile of junk I’ve ever had. From ps1, ps2, to the psp they have all broken down on me. I take good care of all my stuff and it just stops working. Viva la Nintendo and Xbox!

{May 30, 2005}   Namco X Capcom

After all the E3 coverage of the next-gen system, the game I’m looking forward the most looks like it belongs on the Psone. Namco X Capcom combines the old to new school characters from both franchises. Mega Man vs. King, Dig Dug vs. Ryu, almost everyone from all Namco & Capcom games! The art style looks to be in a humorous anime form. The kicker is that its not the two-on-two fighting of past capcom crossovers. It’s all in Final Fantasy Tactics/ Front Mission type strategy RPG. It is funny that I am the most excited about a 2D game then the PS3. Hopefully NXC will be released in the USA soon. Check out the WMP Trailer 1 and Trailer 2.

{May 16, 2005}   Playstation 3

Start saving up now. PS3 is comming out in 2006 and is ready to blow away the competition. It will use a new blu-ray disk that can hold 6x more data then a DVD. With its 1080p my HD TV can be put to good use. It has backwards compatibility to  the old PS 0ne and PS2 games. It will also have up to 7 controllers slots! The font on the top of the PS3 looks like the same font used in the the Spiderman movies. Anyways, one word…SHWEETA! Thanks to www.ign.com for the info.

{April 21, 2005}   PS2 Game of the Year

God of War is off the chizzains. The puzzles, platforms, control, graphics, and sounds are all way above average. If you have not played this game go out and play it now. This game is very rated M, so don’t go and buy it for you 8 year old kid. 4.5 out of 5

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