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{August 15, 2005}   Tenjou Tenge!!!
This is the coolest anime I’ve seen since Samurai Champloo. It’s like GTO with Dragonball Z fighting.
It would make too much sence to put this on Adult Swim, since they have so many other crappy anime shows on. If I were in control of Adult Swim I would not play the same thing every two hours and fill the time with…MORE SHOWS! Ok, I’m ranting now and I will stop, but check this out if you love anime.

{May 25, 2005}   The Forth Dixie Chick

Tonight, my dad, who is not known for voicing predictions said, "Win or lose, little Underwood will be assisted by the Dixie Chicks to find her way to the Nashville Lumberyard."

{May 15, 2005}   Samurai Champloo

I have not been into anime as of late, but I just caught the first episode of Samurai Champloo. This is the best anime I’ve seen since Cowboy Bebop, and is done by the same group. It is almost totally uncensored on Adult Swim. This old school samurai tale with a hip hop remix should not be missed.Check out and download the Real Player preview.

 The new ipod commercials with the Daft Punk’s Technologic and Gorillaz’ Feel Good inc are just cool. No punch line or cheesy acting, just cool. It seems that every commercial that has came out since the late 90’s have tried to be like the Got Milk ones. In the last couple years, car commercials have started to use great music in their ads. From the eclipse Days Go By to the countless Moby tracks used in car ads in early 2000, car commercials still have the best music. Its nice to see the ipod use great music tracks that are not necessarily mainstream. Boogie That Be, Surffing on a Rocket, and You Got to Keep Moving are all good examples of how cool songs create cool commercials.

{May 14, 2005}   Tool

If you look up the word “tool” in the dictionary, you will see this picture.

{May 4, 2005}   Good Cartoons 2

If you lived in Arkansas in the late 80’s you got shwanked out of one of the coolest cartoons with the worst dialog. Thunder Cats! When I would visit California all I watched was this program. After the vacation what did I come home to…The Get Along Gang!

{April 23, 2005}   Good Cartoons

Who remembers the British cartoons on Nickelodeon? I do and yes I miss them. I was a huge Danger Mouse fan and made fun of Penfold all the time. And then their was Bananaman. This show did not have a time slot and would randomly come on out of no where. If you were lucky enough to see Bananaman it was like winning the lotto. Then they took Danger Mouse away and replaced it with Count Duckula. This resulted in a massive backlash of thousands of kids to look elsewhere for there duck cartoon needs. And where you say? ABC at 3:30 pm for Ducktales. And off the subject Doofus and Launchpad McQuack were freaking funny!

{April 21, 2005}   Fanta

Fanta is brainwashing viewers with that commercial. Soon kids will want to dress up like the fanta girls and then it will be Halloween 3 all over again. "Eight more days till Fantaween, don’t you wanta?"

{April 21, 2005}   Trump vs. Dhalsim

Instead of Trump saying "Your Fired" he should yell "Yoga Fire!"

{April 21, 2005}   Carson Daily

Comedians usually make the best late night hosts. Why you ask? It’s because they are funny. Carson Daily is nether a comedian or funny. Because he’s comes on after Conan I’ll say "Ok, lets give him a chance." But he always seem to disappoint. if he would just stick to the interviews, where his only talent is, maybe I could stand the show. Comedians make good hosts not the other way around.

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