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{September 10, 2005}   Kanye West Hates Bald People


{June 1, 2005}   News Flash!

If you are a white man and venture on the dance floor, please…PLEASE do not start to point! That is all, thank you.

{May 20, 2005}   Useless Reviews

I just read a movie review for Episode 3 that talked about cheese. Most of it had nothing to do with the movie it was reviewing. Everything in it was related to something that was totally irrelevant to the contrast of the movie. Useless reviews pop up when writers want to show off there writing skills rather then report the task at hand. If it was good say, “good,” if it was bad say, “bad.” Do not say, “The acting was like a ham on cheese, while the directing was like the 14 floor of Trump tower.” What great metaphors he used, too bad I have to look at the little stars to understand what he was trying to convey.

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