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{August 27, 2005}   Dreams Vol. 1

Tonight I’m starting a new category about my dreams. I don’t want it to become me telling everyone personal information just for the fact of people sympathizing with me. I have so my dreams when I sleep I just want to get them out. Rather then writing it down in a journal, like most people would do, I’ll put them on my space. I’m at school for fourteen hours a week, I do enough writing in class and homework. So I’ll start with a dream I had last night .

I was at a karaoke bar with my brother and we were sitting and waiting in the front. The song in the back ground was Earth Wind & Frie’s "After the Love Has Gone." Sitting next to me was an old girlfriend from junior high. The person that she was with had left and she was going to sit alone. So I invited her to sit next to me. By this time my brother was acting sillier then he would be in real life, telling quick jokes and doing dumb jesters. I was not laughing so much and was a bit more serious for the rest of the dream. When I awoke I was bumed that it never happend.

It did not occur to me till I started to write, what this dream meant. I was switching rolls with my brother and going through the same scenario I’ve been in so many times. Usually I was the one being silly and cracking jokes while my brother, cousin, or friend was with their girlfriend. I guess wanted to be the other side some of those times and to deal with awkwardness, I would try to get a laugh. Not every dream my mean something, but if we stop to think about it and analyze the roles of the people in the dream, we my come to know more about ourselves.


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