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{October 3, 2005}   Top of the Charts
Ok my ego can come out and play now. While doing an ego search on Google I found out that I made someones top list with the Metroid rap. http://www.last.fm/user/Tigernado/ Check out the picks to see for yourselves. Its crazy to see me above the Gorillaz. Peace out my honkies.

{September 18, 2005}   Computer Love

Are computers becoming too realistic? Head over to Hot or Not and see for yourself. This digital image of a fictional character is being passed off as a actual person. An to top it off, we’ll call him “Rude”, Rude is rated as hot! A lot of people think cartoon or videogame characters can be good looking, but I’ve never seen them perceived as real people. Are we heading for the destruction of mankind as in the Matrix? Or is this the starting of what we all need…a little “Computer Love.” Check up on Rude’s standing here http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=ERELBUH&key=GGG and don’t be afraid to vote, after all his AI feelings can’t get hurt. Right…? 

{September 11, 2005}   Metroid Rap Update 4
Just when I start to think I’m so cool, I get brought back down to earth. This new message board I found my song on was all the rage about knocking my lyrics. See for yourself click here. Oh well you can’t win’em all. As Rick James would have said, "You were as cold as ice!"

{September 5, 2005}   Metroid Rap update: 3
After messing around on a few search site I came accross my Metroid rap on 5 other forums: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. Click on one to see what people are saying.

{September 5, 2005}   Metroid Rap: Update 2
I’m so happy that my song is catching on with the internet. I put it on a underground Hip Hop message boardDark Chi on the 1up.com blogs posted my lyrics, and the Metroid rap is featured on "Symphony of Samus" cd in the UK. Xerxes has added Metroid to his fav. list. It has also been played on Remix Raido.  If all goes well, it will keep on spreading. Someone already wants to do a flash on it. I hope this is the start of something good. If we are creative and no one else experiences it, whats the point? Oh, and if you have not downloaded it yet, it is under my profile. Enjoy

{August 24, 2005}   Dooku.net
Ok, now go to  www.dooku.net and change the music to Benny Hill. It is like soooooo cool.

{August 8, 2005}   Update: Metroid song
My Metroid song is blowing up son! It is now being reviewed by the VGMix crew. I got it on five forums and some guy posted it on another board.
Here is three more links to the message boards. Link 1, Link 2, and Link 3

{August 5, 2005}   Metroid Rap song
Click here and here to see what people are saying about my Metroid Rap song. And please download it here. I dare ya

{August 4, 2005}   Lord Vader Reads Your Mind!

You cannot escape the dark side. Go to this link to see if you can…   Take On Lord Vader!

{July 26, 2005}   Ahhhhh
I dare you to watch this to the very end. Click here for link.

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