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{August 26, 2005}   A Night at Ryan’s House. Vol.3

You thought it was over, but I got a million stories. One night at Ryan’s house the girls brought a friend from Eureka (Not the pizza, Eureka Springs). This little dude was dressed like a true Eminem follower with the attitude to go with it. I paid him no mind most of the night as we all went out. When we got back to the house this guy started to try to kick some game to the girls about how he’s a rapper. At that point I said bust something then. We put on an old De La Soul album and he tried to flow over. This kid was almost ok, at best. Then I had come in on the second verse with some hot fire. I told this kid that “You are on my stomping grounds now, and on my turf freestylen is my game.“ If you want to try your best I’ll let you go but by the end you’ll know that I own this rap game in my part of town. He then shut his mouth for the rest of the night and did not get a call back from the girls. The moral of the story if you bust out the first freestyle be sure that you own that junk, especially if your in unfamiliar waters. Because you can never judge a book by its cover.


One night at Ryan’s house, we decided to go club hopping. As I walked up to the bouncer, I went to hand him my ID. To my dismay, my wallet was at the house. So, to not spoil everyone fun, I returned to Ryan’s place. It was 11:00pm and they would stay out to about 2:00am. I did not have my car so I was in for a long night. The street he lived on was a couple of blocks away from the main bar street, so there was a lot of action. I then remembered one of my favorite movies The Burbs. Where Corry Feldman sat on his porch I watched crazy stuff happen. I then cracked a few cold one and sat out side on a swing. I had Ryan’s music playing fairly loud so passer-bys could hear, but they could not actually see me sitting there. I saw and heard some crazy stuff sitting there. From bikers drug deals to guys and gals watering the flowers, it turned out to be an educating experience in human behavior. I saw some of my old friends drive by, whom I have not seen for quite some time and saw some dude crash his car. When everyone came back they asked if I was bored. “Not to bad,” I said. Then we turned on the music and partied to the wee hours.

One night at Ryans house, his neighbor ,that lived above him, was out of town. So after coming home from the club I thought it would be real cool to ride her bike. She loved this bike. It was an old banana seat with streamers on the handle. The tiers were flat so I was riding around on rims. We all had a good laugh that night. The next week she came home and ask Ryan, “Has anyone been riding my bike?” “No,” Ryan said. She then said “The rims look bent.” Since he said he did not know she left upstairs. But we all knew what happened that night.

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