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{September 18, 2005}   Computer Love

Are computers becoming too realistic? Head over to Hot or Not and see for yourself. This digital image of a fictional character is being passed off as a actual person. An to top it off, we’ll call him “Rude”, Rude is rated as hot! A lot of people think cartoon or videogame characters can be good looking, but I’ve never seen them perceived as real people. Are we heading for the destruction of mankind as in the Matrix? Or is this the starting of what we all need…a little “Computer Love.” Check up on Rude’s standing here http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=ERELBUH&key=GGG and don’t be afraid to vote, after all his AI feelings can’t get hurt. Right…? 


Unknown says:

I would have to confess to be one of those ppl who like the cartoons and stuff. Those 3d pictures. So, I guess my background image at my space says it all for the matrix.

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