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{September 16, 2005}   TGS WTF?

Ok, what in the name of Bill and Ted is going on? Nintendo’s new controller is modeled after a TV remote control? How is being modeled after a 20 year old invention supposed to new and innovated? And why do I need my other hand free when playing videogames? Oh ya! So I can pet my cat and chop onions while I play. This is a great Invention If you got your arm blown off in WWII. Thank goodness for third party controllers that will make a two handed one. On another subject "let’s rehash Snake again in another Metal Gear and let’s make him old as dirt." That is one of the most ignorant ideas I’ve heard since that retarded controller. MGS2 was cool because you played as someone rather then Snake, but everyone whined and moaned that Raiden was a jackass. Now Metal Gear is just an money making sequel cranker. I wouldn’t have said this two years ago, but it’s a good thing that Microsoft is in the consol game, so I can play reliable games with both of my hands.


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