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{September 14, 2005}   Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Wow, this movie was better then I expected. First lets get the bad out of the way. The story was a little confusing and cheesy in some parts. Although Cloud is the main character of the story, they seemed to over use him in almost every fight that took place. I would have rather seen some more of the other great characters do some of the action, but this is all very minor. This is an action movie by far. It has tons of original fight scenes and the visuals are pure eye candy. The Japanese voice actors did a great job and the music was used in all the right places. They kept a lot of the original tunes form the game to satisfy all the fan boys like myself. This movie is not necessarily late but it should have been out four years ago instead of that other piece of chud we got. Now all Square has to do is make a movie of all the other Final Fantasy games as well as they made this one and I can die a happy man. If you liked the videogame and don’t see this movie then you suck. I give this one 4.5 out of 5.


Unknown says:

I can\’t wait to see it!

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