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{September 5, 2005}   Metroid Rap update: 3
After messing around on a few search site I came accross my Metroid rap on 5 other forums: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. Click on one to see what people are saying.

Unknown says:

Flip trip double jump like a Chozo charged spaceman From Crateria all the way to Tourian If that\’s not the greatest lyric ever written I don\’t know what is xDYou are so talented John BoY! I is proud of you DOGG!

Unknown says:

Hey man, your Jersey is done. You can pick it up at my space under the Photo Album Named "Jersey Pick-Up". Just let me know when you\’ve come by so I can delete it. Thanks!!

Unknown says:

Glad you like it man…..and you are welcome!!

Unknown says:

I\’m back on and staying on. I don\’t care what anyone thinks because I don\’t have any reason to hide cuz I haven\’t done anything wrong.

Unknown says:

awesome! im glad people are getting to your music! friday hugs-Kara

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