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{August 31, 2005}   Fergie’s Chillin

Even if I’m not so crazy about the Peas, there is one thing that I can’t deny, Fergie can rap. That white girl can out-play, not only females, but most white rappers today. I’m sick of all these crackers trying to rap with a broken style or some ghetto southern accent. Other then the underground group “Mega Hertz,” I have yet to here a white rapper with the sound of true Hip Hop. The one thing I like about the Peas is Fergie’s flow, or the Rasta vibe she puts out. It’s not just good for a white girl, it’s just sounds good. White rap needs to break out of this Eminem mode. Instead of sounding like E, people should be trying to emulate some of Hip Hop founding fathers like: Rakem, Melly Mel, Tribe Called Quest, Nas, even LL. So if you want to become a rapper please do some homework on the ones that started the game.


Unknown says:

im with ya those honkies thinking they can rap. 😀

Unknown says:

Hey what up man! Yeah I killed my blog so I could deter the person who hacked my email accounts and avoid giving any info out to anyone. This whole New Orleans thing is so horrible. I\’m thinking about driving down there to help out. So if you don\’t hear from me in awhile I\’ll probably be there. Love your south park figure too and your graffitti is cool too. Pray for me bro wish me safe if I do go.

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