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{August 16, 2005}   The Pharcyde

This is one of the most influential rap groups ever. In the middle of the gangster rap era of the early 90’s the only place to look to for true hip hop was New York. There were three groups from the west coast that stayed true to hip hop: Souls of Mischief, Jurassic 5, and the Pharcyde. The Pharcyde were so far ahead of there time that they were over looked with the whole gangster rap trip. Their albums still hold up today and are better then most any other rap or hip hop group around. Even though The Pharcyde lost two out of there four members, they still hold it down. Go out to the store and buy any Pharcyde album you see, they are all good. But if you happen to see this album, Bizarre Ride II, drop everything you have and buy it. I’ve been looking for this CD for over 4 years now and I will keep on looking.


Robert says:

i can hear the music it is freakin sweet.

Creta says:

Hey, sorry it\’s been awhile, here and in e-mail. Fell off the map for a bit when G passed. Then I went and had some retail therapy, took a trip, yadda, yadda.Anyway, hope all\’s good with you, and that you\’re ready for school.Talk to ya later…-Elizabeth

Creta says:

almost forgot… did you put together this all your base are us (or something like that) that was on my page a few weeks back? I loved that.

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