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{August 31, 2005}   Fergie’s Chillin

Even if I’m not so crazy about the Peas, there is one thing that I can’t deny, Fergie can rap. That white girl can out-play, not only females, but most white rappers today. I’m sick of all these crackers trying to rap with a broken style or some ghetto southern accent. Other then the underground group “Mega Hertz,” I have yet to here a white rapper with the sound of true Hip Hop. The one thing I like about the Peas is Fergie’s flow, or the Rasta vibe she puts out. It’s not just good for a white girl, it’s just sounds good. White rap needs to break out of this Eminem mode. Instead of sounding like E, people should be trying to emulate some of Hip Hop founding fathers like: Rakem, Melly Mel, Tribe Called Quest, Nas, even LL. So if you want to become a rapper please do some homework on the ones that started the game.


{August 28, 2005}   Xbox 360
The new Xbox is comming out in Nov. I have one on hold and can’t wait to get me grubie little hands on one. The first game I’m going to get is…FIFA 06. You can see why by the video I have playing. Let’s just hope Billy Gates does not screw this one up or I will be forced to play E.T. on Atari.

{August 27, 2005}   Dreams Vol. 1

Tonight I’m starting a new category about my dreams. I don’t want it to become me telling everyone personal information just for the fact of people sympathizing with me. I have so my dreams when I sleep I just want to get them out. Rather then writing it down in a journal, like most people would do, I’ll put them on my space. I’m at school for fourteen hours a week, I do enough writing in class and homework. So I’ll start with a dream I had last night .

I was at a karaoke bar with my brother and we were sitting and waiting in the front. The song in the back ground was Earth Wind & Frie’s "After the Love Has Gone." Sitting next to me was an old girlfriend from junior high. The person that she was with had left and she was going to sit alone. So I invited her to sit next to me. By this time my brother was acting sillier then he would be in real life, telling quick jokes and doing dumb jesters. I was not laughing so much and was a bit more serious for the rest of the dream. When I awoke I was bumed that it never happend.

It did not occur to me till I started to write, what this dream meant. I was switching rolls with my brother and going through the same scenario I’ve been in so many times. Usually I was the one being silly and cracking jokes while my brother, cousin, or friend was with their girlfriend. I guess wanted to be the other side some of those times and to deal with awkwardness, I would try to get a laugh. Not every dream my mean something, but if we stop to think about it and analyze the roles of the people in the dream, we my come to know more about ourselves.

{August 26, 2005}   The Pharcyde – Drop lyrics
Bootie Brown:
Let me freak the funk,
obsolete is the punk that talk more junk than Sanford sells
I jet propel at a rate that complice their mental state
as I invade their masquerade
they couldn’t fade with a clipper blade
10 years in the trade is not enough, you can’t cut it
I let you take a swing, and you bunted
for an easy out, I leave mc’s with doubt
of exceeding, my name is Bottie Brown and I’m proceeding, leading,
they try to follow but they’re shallow and hollow
I can see right through them like an empty 40 bottle, of O.E.
they have no key, or no clue
to the game at all, now they washed up
hung out to dry
standing looking stpud, wondering why
(why man?)
it was the fame, that they tried to get
now they walking around talkin about represent
and keep it real, but I got to appeal
cause they exisitng in a fantasy when holding the steel

Slim Kid 3:

rock a bye baby,
listen to my heart pumping to a fine ravine
of all things it’s a vain of a shrine
all missions impossible are possible, cause I’m
heading for a new sector 365 days fron now, I’ll
wipe the sweat from my brow
and each and every true will stick, or fall from the sky of my cloud nine
from homies all the way to chics, no matter how fine
cotrolling is a swollen way to wreck a proud mind
you hold it in your hands and watch a man start crying
tear after tear in the puppet man’s hands
every time you take a stance you do the puppet man’s dance
and the worlds at a stand-still
deep in broken mansville, trapped in the moat with an avil, still
killing yourself, and dogging ya health
you ain’t amphibious, so grab a hold of yourself

Knumbskull #1:

shit is-shit is ill, my flow still will spill
toxic slick to shock you sick like electrocute
when I execute, acutely over the rythym
on those that pollute, extra dosages is what I gotta give em
got em mad and tremblin
cause I been up in my lad assemblin
misslies, to bomb the enemy
because they envy me, and the making of my mad currency
currently I think we’re in a state of an emergency
cause niggas done sold their souls, and now their souls is hollow
and I think they can’t follow
they can’t swollow, the truth because it hurts
this is how I put it down, this is my earth, my turf
the worth of my birth is a billion, and you know what time it is
I’m going to make a million

{August 26, 2005}   A Night at Ryan’s House. Vol.3

You thought it was over, but I got a million stories. One night at Ryan’s house the girls brought a friend from Eureka (Not the pizza, Eureka Springs). This little dude was dressed like a true Eminem follower with the attitude to go with it. I paid him no mind most of the night as we all went out. When we got back to the house this guy started to try to kick some game to the girls about how he’s a rapper. At that point I said bust something then. We put on an old De La Soul album and he tried to flow over. This kid was almost ok, at best. Then I had come in on the second verse with some hot fire. I told this kid that “You are on my stomping grounds now, and on my turf freestylen is my game.“ If you want to try your best I’ll let you go but by the end you’ll know that I own this rap game in my part of town. He then shut his mouth for the rest of the night and did not get a call back from the girls. The moral of the story if you bust out the first freestyle be sure that you own that junk, especially if your in unfamiliar waters. Because you can never judge a book by its cover.

{August 24, 2005}   Dooku.net
Ok, now go to  www.dooku.net and change the music to Benny Hill. It is like soooooo cool.

{August 20, 2005}   It’s Dare!
I just can’t get enough of that "Dare" song by the Gorillaz. The video goes along so well; Noodle dancing with the head of the lead singer from the Happy Mondays. Noodle’s older self looks more like 2-D sister then the little japanese girl from the first album. And to go with the Gorillaz theme here is a download for "Noodle Skin" on WMP. Don’t miss this video found here.

{August 16, 2005}   The Pharcyde

This is one of the most influential rap groups ever. In the middle of the gangster rap era of the early 90’s the only place to look to for true hip hop was New York. There were three groups from the west coast that stayed true to hip hop: Souls of Mischief, Jurassic 5, and the Pharcyde. The Pharcyde were so far ahead of there time that they were over looked with the whole gangster rap trip. Their albums still hold up today and are better then most any other rap or hip hop group around. Even though The Pharcyde lost two out of there four members, they still hold it down. Go out to the store and buy any Pharcyde album you see, they are all good. But if you happen to see this album, Bizarre Ride II, drop everything you have and buy it. I’ve been looking for this CD for over 4 years now and I will keep on looking.

{August 15, 2005}   Tenjou Tenge!!!
This is the coolest anime I’ve seen since Samurai Champloo. It’s like GTO with Dragonball Z fighting.
It would make too much sence to put this on Adult Swim, since they have so many other crappy anime shows on. If I were in control of Adult Swim I would not play the same thing every two hours and fill the time with…MORE SHOWS! Ok, I’m ranting now and I will stop, but check this out if you love anime.

{August 9, 2005}   Guest Book
Please fill free to leave comments. I’m always glad to hear from someone.

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