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{July 26, 2005}   Ahhhhh
I dare you to watch this to the very end. Click here for link.


{July 26, 2005}   He-man has a secret.
If you watched He-man as a kid, you has gots to check this out. Click on this link for He-man’s secret.

{July 26, 2005}   Tom Cruse kills Oprah
This video is too funny. Click this link to watch.

{July 25, 2005}   What is a thylacine?
Thylacinus cynocephalus, which is the only recent genus and species of the marsupial family Thylacinidae, was apparently found only on the island of Tasmania within historic times.  Since the beginning of the European occupation, there have been many reports from the Australian mainland of sightings of animals bearing a close resemblance to the thylacine.  However, none of these reports have been positively confirmed as of yet (Ride 1970; Heuvelmans 1958).  During late Pleistocene and the early Holocene times, the genus is known to have been widespread across Australia and nearby New Guinea.  The most recent subfossilized remains from the Australian mainland date back to just over 3,000 years before present.  It is widely believed that the main reason for the disappearance of Thylacinus cynocephalus from mainland Australia is due to the introduction of the domestic dog by human immigrants from Asia.  This introduction may have taken place as much as 10,000 years ago, or possibly earlier (Archer 1974a; Partridge 1967).  These dogs formed feral populations which created ecological competition with the thylacine.  Until the arrival  of European settlers in  the 18th century, thylacines in Tasmania were quite safe because the feral Australian dog (dingo) had never become established there.

    Until recently, the thylacine was classified within the family Dasyuridae.  However, it now ranks as a unique marsupial family of its own, the Thylacinidae.  The family Thylacinidae is, however, generally considered to have descended from dasyurid stock.

{July 21, 2005}   PSP=big pile of junk
After just three months my PSP stoped reading cds. For no reason at all. Playstation is the biggest pile of junk I’ve ever had. From ps1, ps2, to the psp they have all broken down on me. I take good care of all my stuff and it just stops working. Viva la Nintendo and Xbox!

Check out this link for updates on a true Final Fantasy Movie.http://na.square-enix.com/dvd/ff7ac/

{July 8, 2005}   PSP Mod
I just hacked my PSP and it rocks my socks off. Who wants to play new 3D games that look better then PS2, when I can play games that are 15 years old. Check out this link to hack your PSP.

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