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{June 7, 2005}   Time Travel to 1984

Three aspiring dancers take their best shot-and pop and lock- at the big time in this invigorating phenomenon. Shabba-Doo and Boogaloo Shrimp pump up the jam as struggling dancers taking on a rival street gang in a professional dance competition. Packed with fast-paced moves and furious jives and featuring smash hits "Breakin’…There’s No Stopping Us" and "Freakshow on the Dance Floor," this heart-in-your-throat dance movies is a nonstop floor show of "excitingly staged..solid fun" (San Francisco Chronicle)!

Wow what a review. If I could only have such a possitive outlook on everything…You must watch the trailer here.


Unknown says:

I love it I freakin love it. Oh guess what? SBC customer service doesn\’t believe me for any reason. Its a long story and I\’ll probably have to wait to tell you about it. I might have to tell you about in my new movie "Hydroelectric Boogaloo! Breakin3 The Return of The Worm!"

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