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{June 7, 2005}   A Night at Ryan’s House. Vol.2

One night at Ryan’s house, we decided to go club hopping. As I walked up to the bouncer, I went to hand him my ID. To my dismay, my wallet was at the house. So, to not spoil everyone fun, I returned to Ryan’s place. It was 11:00pm and they would stay out to about 2:00am. I did not have my car so I was in for a long night. The street he lived on was a couple of blocks away from the main bar street, so there was a lot of action. I then remembered one of my favorite movies The Burbs. Where Corry Feldman sat on his porch I watched crazy stuff happen. I then cracked a few cold one and sat out side on a swing. I had Ryan’s music playing fairly loud so passer-bys could hear, but they could not actually see me sitting there. I saw and heard some crazy stuff sitting there. From bikers drug deals to guys and gals watering the flowers, it turned out to be an educating experience in human behavior. I saw some of my old friends drive by, whom I have not seen for quite some time and saw some dude crash his car. When everyone came back they asked if I was bored. “Not to bad,” I said. Then we turned on the music and partied to the wee hours.


Unknown says:

Ummmm I wasn\’t there was I?

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