☆ DJ Britt's Mix ☆

{June 2, 2005}   ?

The driving drones produce quick wit to answer cell phones

Travel far and wide to mix and mingle or run and hide

We coincide or consider the vibe

If there is no God then what’s the point of being alive

Am I out to get mine or are you out to get yours

Do what we want, when we want, till there’s nothing more

Always ready to say,” Don’t judge me.” When you’re the one judging me first

Since we clam to be free but only see it as a curse

The journey to satisfaction in never ending

When we ignore the good and glorify the condescending

When everyone stops looking at me, where will I be

Not satisfied with my own reality, so I watch another’s on TV

You don’t know me and I don’t know you

If wee all know what is wrong, why don’t we know what to do


Unknown says:

Awesome poem! I likes a lot.

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