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{June 29, 2005}   Metroid Pre
This is a early mix of "Metroid Pre." I finished this mix today and will do touch up later on for the master. Tell me what you think of this mix.


{June 27, 2005}   Time traveling web links

The first is www.futureme.org. This site lets you e-mail your self in the future. This is a good time to set up any long term goals and see your progress in say 10 to 30 years.

The next is http://www.archive.org/web/web.php. This site lets you see how any web site looked like 9 years ago.

Both of these sites are great and should seen.

{June 10, 2005}   Lost N.W.A. Lyrics

While I was rummaging around in an abandon apartment building in Compton, I found something pretty cool. It looks like the original lyrics to the 100 miles and running rap. I think they threw this version away because they it was not hard core enough. But here it is in its entirety, enjoy.

And why do we call it ‘North West Arkansas’.
‘Cause if we die we still gon’ be some dead potato heads.

"You don’t really think you’re gonna get away, do you?"
"We haven’t spotted them yet." 
"But they’re somewhere in the immediate vicinity."

[MC Ren]
A 100 Miles and Runnin’.
MC Ren, I hold the nun and
You want me to kiss a cookie-eater and it’s done in.
Since I’m stereotyped to blow up and destruct –
Is one of the main reasons why they don’t call me chuck.
Chances are usually not good
‘Cause I freeze with my hands on a hot hood.
And gettin’ jacked by the you-know-who.
When in a black and white the capacity is two.
We’re not alone, we’re three more brothers, I mean street-brothers.
Now wearin’ my dyes, ’cause I’m not stupid, motherjumper.
They’re out to take our heads for what we said in the past.
Point blank – They can take my pink sash.
I didn’t stutter when I said "I Love Tha Police".
‘Cause it’s hard for a cracker to get peace.
Now it’s broken and can’t be fixed.
‘Cause police and little green men don’t mix so
Now I’m creepin’ through the fall.
Runnin’ like a team. Well, see, I might have shaved y’all.
So for now pack the poodle and
Hold it in the air.
‘Cause MC Ren has a 100 Miles of Runnin’…

"Into this news. Four fugitives are on the run."
"FBI sources tell us that the four are headed"
"100 miles to their homebase, Compton."

[Eazy E]
Lend me Van Gogh’s ear.
So I can tell you why…

[Dr. Dre]
Runnin’ with my brothers, headed for the homebase.
With a steady pace on the face that just we raced.
The road ahead goes on and on.
The honnies is gettin’ bigger because of the biscuit eating marathon.
Runnin’ on but never runnin’ out.
Stayin’ wired and if I get tired, I can still try out. 
Hitchhikin’ if that’s what it gotta do.
But nobody’s pickin’ up a Chigger Witta Attitude.
Yo, but Dre’s a astronaut with nuthin’ to lose.
One of the few who’s been accused and abused
Of the crime of poisonin’ young minds.
But you don’t know spit til I put it in your shoes.
And Dre is back from the C-P-T.
Droppin’ some cupcakes that’s D-U-M-B.
So spread the L-I-C-E!
And any registered voter disagrees.
Stuck and runnin’ hard, pumping gas.
‘Cause I love kittens that are known for havin’ a notorious past.
My mind was slick – my temper was too quick.
Now the FBI’s all over some red-head Mc.

[Eazy E]
Got us tick and runnin’ just to find the nun that started the clock.
That’s when the E jumped off the startin’ block.
A 100 Miles from home and ,yo, it’s a long stretch.
A little sprintin’ drug store bagger that they won’t catch.
Yeah, back to Compton again.
Yo, it’s either that or the Federal pen.
‘Cause chickens been runnin’ since beginning of time.
Takin’ a minute to tell you what’s on my pancake eating mind.
Runnin’ like I just don’t care.
Compton’s 50 miles but , yo, I’ma get there.
Archin’ my back and on a straight rough.
Just like Carl Lewis I’m ballin’ the anthem out.
>From city to city I’m a menace as I pass by.
Rippin’ up trees just so you can remember I’m
A straight up swimmer that’s done in, gunnin’ and comin’
Straight at yo car.
A 100 Miles and Runnin’…


This one goes out to the four brothers from Compton.
You’re almost there, but the FBI has a little message for you:
"Nowhere to run to, baby. Nowhere to hide."
Good luck brothers.

[MC Ren]
Runnin’ like a wanker I hate to lose.
Show me on the news but I hate to be abused.
I know it was a set-up.
So now I’m gonna get up.
Even if the FBI wants me to shut up.
But I’ve got 10 000 squirrels strong.
They got everybody singin’ my "I Love Tha Police" song.
And while they treat my group like dirt,
Their whole fat family is wearin’ our skirts.
So I’mma run til I can’t run no more.
‘Cause it’s time for MC Ren to settle the score.
I got a urge to kick down doors.
At my grave like a slave even if the Ren calls.

[Dr. Dre]
Clouds are dark and brothers are hidin’.
Slow-simpin’ at the sunny Mcie dees and I’m ridin’.
Started with five and, yo, one couldn’t take it.
So now there’s four ’cause the fifth couldn’t make it.
The number’s even – now I’m leavin’.
We’re never gettin’ took by a basket that I’m weaven.
Her and the troops are right behind me.
But they’re so smarty smart heads, they’ll never find me.

[Eazy E]
One more mile to go through the dark streets.
Runnin’ like a muskrat on my own two feet.
But you know I never stumble or lag last.
I’m almost home so I better pump gas.
Tearin’ up everything in sight.
It’s a little crazy monkey beater dodging the searchlight.
Now that chase, the pie, is done and
Four midget goin’ crazy with
A 100 Miles of Runnin’!


Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Surprise, crackers!

{June 7, 2005}   Time Travel to 1984

Three aspiring dancers take their best shot-and pop and lock- at the big time in this invigorating phenomenon. Shabba-Doo and Boogaloo Shrimp pump up the jam as struggling dancers taking on a rival street gang in a professional dance competition. Packed with fast-paced moves and furious jives and featuring smash hits "Breakin’…There’s No Stopping Us" and "Freakshow on the Dance Floor," this heart-in-your-throat dance movies is a nonstop floor show of "excitingly staged..solid fun" (San Francisco Chronicle)!

Wow what a review. If I could only have such a possitive outlook on everything…You must watch the trailer here.

One night at Ryan’s house, we decided to go club hopping. As I walked up to the bouncer, I went to hand him my ID. To my dismay, my wallet was at the house. So, to not spoil everyone fun, I returned to Ryan’s place. It was 11:00pm and they would stay out to about 2:00am. I did not have my car so I was in for a long night. The street he lived on was a couple of blocks away from the main bar street, so there was a lot of action. I then remembered one of my favorite movies The Burbs. Where Corry Feldman sat on his porch I watched crazy stuff happen. I then cracked a few cold one and sat out side on a swing. I had Ryan’s music playing fairly loud so passer-bys could hear, but they could not actually see me sitting there. I saw and heard some crazy stuff sitting there. From bikers drug deals to guys and gals watering the flowers, it turned out to be an educating experience in human behavior. I saw some of my old friends drive by, whom I have not seen for quite some time and saw some dude crash his car. When everyone came back they asked if I was bored. “Not to bad,” I said. Then we turned on the music and partied to the wee hours.

One night at Ryans house, his neighbor ,that lived above him, was out of town. So after coming home from the club I thought it would be real cool to ride her bike. She loved this bike. It was an old banana seat with streamers on the handle. The tiers were flat so I was riding around on rims. We all had a good laugh that night. The next week she came home and ask Ryan, “Has anyone been riding my bike?” “No,” Ryan said. She then said “The rims look bent.” Since he said he did not know she left upstairs. But we all knew what happened that night.

{June 3, 2005}   Eminem’s New Single

The Good: Eminem can rap, flow, and write. The Bad: Eminem has a winning voice, stupid songs, and teenie bop look. The single (that I don’t want to have to type out) is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Rapping like a puppet dog is as cool as joining the fan club for Billy Ray Cyrus. And the video…lowers my IQ points. He raps with puppets! David Chappelle raps with puppets but he is a comedian and has a show on COMEDY Central. Eminem used to be funny, or was it serious…I don’t know anymore. But I do know that I have not bashed Eminem, until now. He is better then this crap. But if he is out for the all mighty dollor, he is doing a great job.

{June 2, 2005}   ?

The driving drones produce quick wit to answer cell phones

Travel far and wide to mix and mingle or run and hide

We coincide or consider the vibe

If there is no God then what’s the point of being alive

Am I out to get mine or are you out to get yours

Do what we want, when we want, till there’s nothing more

Always ready to say,” Don’t judge me.” When you’re the one judging me first

Since we clam to be free but only see it as a curse

The journey to satisfaction in never ending

When we ignore the good and glorify the condescending

When everyone stops looking at me, where will I be

Not satisfied with my own reality, so I watch another’s on TV

You don’t know me and I don’t know you

If wee all know what is wrong, why don’t we know what to do

{June 1, 2005}   News Flash!

If you are a white man and venture on the dance floor, please…PLEASE do not start to point! That is all, thank you.

et cetera