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{May 30, 2005}   Namco X Capcom

After all the E3 coverage of the next-gen system, the game I’m looking forward the most looks like it belongs on the Psone. Namco X Capcom combines the old to new school characters from both franchises. Mega Man vs. King, Dig Dug vs. Ryu, almost everyone from all Namco & Capcom games! The art style looks to be in a humorous anime form. The kicker is that its not the two-on-two fighting of past capcom crossovers. It’s all in Final Fantasy Tactics/ Front Mission type strategy RPG. It is funny that I am the most excited about a 2D game then the PS3. Hopefully NXC will be released in the USA soon. Check out the WMP Trailer 1 and Trailer 2.


Robert says:

I think E3 was kind of ok this year im a little upset that sony had to lie about "what" the ps3 might do and how they forgot about the psp. they showed off so much last year and this year it\’s like it was not even there.I think xbox has the right idea and also nintendo making there system play all old and new games is a great idea. now only if they would make it so it could download gba games and play on it also then that would really kick some ass

Robert says:

how did you like working at walmart? that damn chear gets old really quick LOL

Unknown says:

Before the console game wars started between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft I predicted who was gonna be on top and who was not. These are my predictions for the next generation of game wars.1.Sony PS3No one can top the fact that sony has and will always have the dominance in game titles because of one reason. They are a Japanese company. If Microsoft hadn\’t talked so much trash to Japan about the xbox then maybe this would be a different story. I will say this if playstation keeps making such durable pieces of equipment like they did with the problematic PS2 it won\’t freakin matter what games are on it.2.Xbox 360Ok this is really a dumb name for a system. However, this system and its online play might knock some of the wind out of Sony.3. Nintendo RevoultionUmmm kids market is cornered but the retro gamers will love this system.

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