☆ DJ Britt's Mix ☆

{May 23, 2005}   John Brittain

After many long years I have found the real John Brittain. Don’t believe me? Just look at his name tag in the pic.


Unknown says:

Dude that is scary!

! says:

hey man! I found this clip browsing another space I frequent! I thought you might like!http://www.lessig.org/blog/archives/recycledtv.movRecycled TV video: scratching, funny video with Creative Commons punchline This video, entitled "Recycled TV, " scratches together llittle snips of audio from various TV shows, timed with TV footage from various sources. A mysterious hand reaches in and turns knobs labelled BALANCE, COPYRIGHT and CREATIVE COMMONS, changing the video. The song\’s catchy, the visuals range from funny to thought-provoking. All in all, a hell of a clip.

! says:

hey man! me again!in regard to my last comment,if that link does not work, use this one:http://www.benhanbury.com/assets/work/recycledtv.htmlENJOY!later on…

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