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{May 19, 2005}   Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith

Was it worth the wait? Yes. This movie defiantly has a much darker tone then its predecessors. The start is a little slow with mild humor, but it then takes a 180. From light saber battles to double crossing, this movie delivers. I wish they had more substance in the space fighting scene. Although the script is in the same Lucas flare, the acting is a step up from the other two movies. Some of the random voices were a little annoying but nothing major. Watching Mace Windu in action was one of the highlights. Also Yoda is back with all new cool moves. If you are a Star Wars fan you should not be disappointed, unless you hate the world and all that’s on it. But if your not a Star Wars fan, there is still good action to enjoy. Some of the scenes seemed rushed and the important scenes were too short. I could tell that Lucas cut quite a bit from this one. Over all, it brought an instant smile to my face to see Darth Vader in full suit. It will do the same to you if you grew up with the classic movies.4.5


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