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{May 14, 2005}   Tool

If you look up the word “tool” in the dictionary, you will see this picture.


Unknown says:

I finally got the dang music to play on your website. I don\’t know why but it takes forever to load or something. Man did you see that frog joke? I mean is it just me or do you feel this need to share that joke to everyone you know just to watch them wince or run away.

Unknown says:

Ok Now I get it thats cool. Can you put one of the Def trigger songs on here like California? That would be neat. On monday I\’ll try to get all this music stuff up. I just had to reboot my sorry cpu again but its up and running thanks to all of the pirated software that I have aqquired.

Creta says:

By the way, they are called "dumb jokes" for a reason, and yup that one sure was dumb. You really hate Carson don\’t ya?

Chrome says:

It\’s not so much that I hate Carson himself, as much as I hate his talk show. It\’s just so bad and he\’s so un-funny on it.

Adara says:

Finally! Someone who doesn\’t like CArson, He is SUCH a tool! I dont know what happened to him but he acts like a 18 yr kid.

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