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{May 10, 2005}   Metroid

I’ve been working on a Metroid hip hop song for awhile now and am almost done. Bru originally used the beginning Brainster, Power Up, rift from the NES version, but I decided to use the Metroid Zero rift from the GBA. After that I burned it on CD then sampled it with Music Generator 3 for the PS2. I then added some videogame sound fx and a sick hip hop beat. After that I had to think of lyrics. So I went with a two line structure for every item you find in Zero Mission. I will then be recording it in Fayetteville, AR at Deacon Studios in June. “This is something that you can’t avoid, an urban epidemic that is the Metroid. Now, this is something that you can’t comprehend, an uncontained outbreak is about to begin.”(chorus) Chack out DJ Britt Mix list for a sample.


! says:

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! says:

Pretty cool!!

Unknown says:

hey .. nice blog..! keep it up !

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