☆ DJ Britt's Mix ☆

{May 10, 2005}   Bru
Bru is the new sound of Hip Hop. Out of Little Rock, Arkansas, this underground group is straight up there with Jurassic5, Pharcyde, and Hieroglyphics. I’ve seen them four times in concert, even missed work to see their show, and would recommend seeing them if your around that area. It’s just a matter of time before these guys blow up BIG.


! says:

DJ Britt,Got something for you that you might like.I have been wanting to incorporate this in one of my blogs but I cannot find a good spot so, I am passing it on to you cause I know you don\’t use a mic. I think it will good for you and your personality and especially your space (NICE PLACE\’). Now that you know how to put music in your blog it will officially top it off once and for all!!!Just cut, i\’ll say again, just cut,cut,ca,ca kut this code below and paste into THIS blog and watch, see and hear what happens after you install…<img height=150 loop="infinite" dynsrc="http://www.brurecords.com/Bonusbeats/triforce.mp3&quot; src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y7/prayingmantes/scratchin.gif&quot; width=150 border=5>I\’m pretty big in2 the underground hip-hop,all I really listen to for the most part-THE REAL STFF-hope you enjoy…bloggin\’ brother!

! says:

Hey man you got the lyrics to triforce?

! says:

I KNOW I HEARD HIM SAY "PSYCHO MANTIS"am I wrong?Do you know how I can get a hold of the lyrics?MAN THIS SONG IS THE JUNK MAN, IT IS REALLY SINKIN\’ IN

maurice says:

what\’s good fam?are your tracks hot or garbage?

louise says:

Just stoped to thanks for commin to my Tea Party. come agin soon.

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