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{May 8, 2005}   Gorillaz new album

Demon Days is the name of the latest CD by one of my favorite bands the Gorillaz. This album is a little more on the electronic side then the last one, but it still retains that same hip hop meets Blur flavor. One track called Dare has a Felix Da House Cat sound to it. Another track, Don’t get Lost in Heaven, sounds like it came right off of Brian Wilson’s Smile. It also dabbles in childrens choir and even some gospel. Demon Days far out shines Daft Punk and Prodigy’s new albums. Quite possibly the best thing I’ve heard in years. The bad news is that there is no Del. Also it does not distinguish itself as the Gorillaz so much. It could very well pass as another Blur album. Still I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5.


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