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{May 4, 2005}   Good Cartoons 2

If you lived in Arkansas in the late 80’s you got shwanked out of one of the coolest cartoons with the worst dialog. Thunder Cats! When I would visit California all I watched was this program. After the vacation what did I come home to…The Get Along Gang!


Unknown says:

Its the moose guy! Do remember when the moose guy left the get along gang? The episode where moose guy got drafted into Vietnam. The crazy thing was when Moose guy finally came back he was paralyzed in a wheelchair? When the other members in the get along gang saw him they spit on him and called him "baby killer" and facist. Then moose guy got involved in the anti war protest and became a hero of the sixties. That is where Oliver Stone got the idea for his movie "Born on The Fourth of July" no kidding, for reals.

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