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{April 21, 2005}   Carson Daily

Comedians usually make the best late night hosts. Why you ask? It’s because they are funny. Carson Daily is nether a comedian or funny. Because he’s comes on after Conan I’ll say "Ok, lets give him a chance." But he always seem to disappoint. if he would just stick to the interviews, where his only talent is, maybe I could stand the show. Comedians make good hosts not the other way around.


Unknown says:

Remember when Carson was painting his nails black? Here\’s a guy who has had so many cheesy stupid musicians on his pop teenie girl scrream fest show TRL trying to somehow identify with his goth side? How can anyone who pulls this hippocritical crap on a daily(PUN intended) give anything credible to anyone at all. I wish so much that Dr.dre would smack the taste out his mouth. I propose that we combine forces to diss all musicians,movies,and people who suck I shall begin it with my favorite topic music.

Chrome says:

Well said Strider mon.

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