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{April 21, 2005}   American Idol

Ok now, this is redicules. Scott Savol has yet again slipped away from going home. Come on the guy had 2 weeks of sour notes. His "Shes Gone" cover was atrocious. The only reason Daryl was cheering was that someone remembered him! On another fourm someone told me that Scott’s version was better than the original. They must be deaf.


Unknown says:

Yo yo yo YO! Dis boy is da hype man! I ain\’t hurd no chaka khan like dis before. Don\’t dis on my man hype! Or I\’ll smack you up with big ol timex watch around my neck BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sincerely,David Lee Roth the 3rd

Unknown says:

Hi, my name is Eric Brockowitz of Brockowitz and Borstein. I\’ve been hired by my client Gnarr sandperson, to inform you that we are sueing you for unlawful potrayl of sand people from Tatooie. Frankly, we feel that these pictures are racist and very offensive because sand people only hang out with the "Fett man" and not normal humans. Until you remove these lible pictures of Gnarr the sandperson you will be held responsible for the decreed amount of 1,000,000 republican credits. Thank you for your response in this timely affair.Sincerely,Eric Brockowitz of Brockowitz&Borstein

Chrome says:

David Lee you are quite funny man around. Is it so wrong to laugh at Japanese on there own game shows?

Chrome says:

Thats why my starfighter was inpounded last night.

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