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{April 27, 2005}   Soccer Time!

I just got back from a LA Galaxy game at the new Home Depot Center. The Galaxy stomped Chivas USA with a 3-1 vctory. My buddies and I were all chanting GA-LA-XY in the center of a lot of Chivas fans. Then my friend almost got into a fight with a 7 year-old kid. lol Good Times.


{April 23, 2005}   Good Cartoons

Who remembers the British cartoons on Nickelodeon? I do and yes I miss them. I was a huge Danger Mouse fan and made fun of Penfold all the time. And then their was Bananaman. This show did not have a time slot and would randomly come on out of no where. If you were lucky enough to see Bananaman it was like winning the lotto. Then they took Danger Mouse away and replaced it with Count Duckula. This resulted in a massive backlash of thousands of kids to look elsewhere for there duck cartoon needs. And where you say? ABC at 3:30 pm for Ducktales. And off the subject Doofus and Launchpad McQuack were freaking funny!

{April 21, 2005}   Fanta

Fanta is brainwashing viewers with that commercial. Soon kids will want to dress up like the fanta girls and then it will be Halloween 3 all over again. "Eight more days till Fantaween, don’t you wanta?"

{April 21, 2005}   PS2 Game of the Year

God of War is off the chizzains. The puzzles, platforms, control, graphics, and sounds are all way above average. If you have not played this game go out and play it now. This game is very rated M, so don’t go and buy it for you 8 year old kid. 4.5 out of 5

{April 21, 2005}   Trump vs. Dhalsim

Instead of Trump saying "Your Fired" he should yell "Yoga Fire!"

{April 21, 2005}   Carson Daily

Comedians usually make the best late night hosts. Why you ask? It’s because they are funny. Carson Daily is nether a comedian or funny. Because he’s comes on after Conan I’ll say "Ok, lets give him a chance." But he always seem to disappoint. if he would just stick to the interviews, where his only talent is, maybe I could stand the show. Comedians make good hosts not the other way around.

{April 21, 2005}   American Idol

Ok now, this is redicules. Scott Savol has yet again slipped away from going home. Come on the guy had 2 weeks of sour notes. His "Shes Gone" cover was atrocious. The only reason Daryl was cheering was that someone remembered him! On another fourm someone told me that Scott’s version was better than the original. They must be deaf.

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