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{March 19, 2012}   Buy Burp Cloths

Expecting Mothers and new mothers to be, check out this nice little blog buyburpcloths. It has some great designer baby burp cloths on sale.


{March 20, 2011}   Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

{October 6, 2005}   I’s gots new new stuff son!
Check out http://www.myspace.com/djbritt to hear my two new songs with Deacon.The Chase and 3005. Theys off the chizzains son! Any who, tell me what you think of them. They were produced by Deacon with Deacon, Faryl Boykin, and JL Jennings. Peace out my waffle masters

{October 3, 2005}   Top of the Charts
Ok my ego can come out and play now. While doing an ego search on Google I found out that I made someones top list with the Metroid rap. http://www.last.fm/user/Tigernado/ Check out the picks to see for yourselves. Its crazy to see me above the Gorillaz. Peace out my honkies.

{September 30, 2005}   最終的な想像

ワウは、この映画私よりよかったそれから期待した。最初に悪い状態を遠い得るために割り当てる。物語はある部品で少し複雑そして安っぽかった。雲が物語の主要な特性であるが、それらは起こったほとんどあらゆる戦いで余分に使用する彼をようである。私はむしろ他の大きい特性のもう少しが行為の一部をするが、これが非常にマイナーすべてであることを見よう。これは行為映画はるかにである。それは元の戦い場面のトンを有し、視覚資料は純粋な目キャンデーである。日本の声俳優はすばらしい仕事をし、音楽はすべての右の場所で使用された。自分自身のようなファンの男の子全員を満足させるためにそれらは多くの元の調子の形態をゲーム保った。この映画は遅くない必ずしもが、私達が得たchud のその他の部分の代りに前に4 年からあるべきである。それらがこの1 つを作り、私が幸せな人を死ぬことができる、またすべての他の最終的な想像のゲームの映画を作るべきである今正方形すべてはしなければならない。ビデオゲームを好み、この映画がそして吸うのを見なければ。私は5 からこの1 4.5 を与える。

{September 27, 2005}   The Joys of Selling TVs

Title: The Joys of Selling TVs



A. (Attention Getter) “So you think that 35’ television will fit in the back seat of my Honda Civic?”

B. (Reason to Listen) Unfortunately for any of us who worked in retail this statement my be of no surprise.

C. (Speaker Credibility) I’ve worked for Wal-Mart, in electronics, for four years.

D. (Thesis) For something as easy as getting a television for a customers there are many uncertainties that come into play.

E. (Preview of Main Points) It is not always a negative situation to get televisions but it is not always easy too.

1. The hardships of getting televisions from the back.

2. Now all I have to do is get the TV to the car.

II. Body

A. (First main point) What can go wrong will go wrong.

1. “Do you have a RCA 35’ flat screen TV?” says the customer. “One moment please let me check,” you say.

a. As you look on the back wall of televisions you see it is empty. Ok then let me scan it with the inventory scanner. There is four of them in stock.

b. Now where to start looking. Lets start on displays and the other side of the photo dept. dubbed the “High Wall“. If its not there that leaves us with the top of the layaway bins in back.

i. The layaway bins are two-story moving bins with many televisions on top.

ii. To access the top of these bins we need either the “Skyjack”, a two man scissor lift, or the “Wave“, a one man platform lift with a holding rack on the front.

2. After we find it in layaway then we call back to the electronic dept. and tell whomever is working to please tell the customer that we have one.

a. If you do not se the wave in the back start to ask around.

b. A walk to the other side of the store might prove useful in finding it.

3.We are back at the layaway bins I then proceed to get down the massively heavy TV box.

a. By the time I’m at the top of the bins I realize that the box is bigger the lift.

b. So no we should find another person to get the two man skyjack.

c. Now we need to quickly remove the empty boxes and grab the big blue cart.

(Transition) This took too long but now we only have to check it out and help the customer out to there truck.

B. (Second main point) The check out should be the easy part but by now I hope for the best but expect the worst.

1. After being very apologetic to the customer we are ready to checkout only to find that it is the wrong TV she wanted.

a. Since the TV she wanted was on display we ask a manager.

b. 1 hour and 30 min. later we were headed out the front door to her truck.

2. The woman went ahead of me to pull her vehicle up to the front.

a. As I’m walking out the front door the door greeter come running up to me and said “Do you have a receipt with that?”

b. I said I did not have it and that the customer went to get her car.

3.”Do you think It will fit in my car?”

a. “No, I don’t think so,” we say.

b. By that time I said I would follow her to her house and deliver the TV myself.

i. My boss was not very happy with me leaving work but I tried to say it was for a customer.

ii. About 3 hours since this TV fiasco started the unloaders, from the back, pull out a brand new 35’ RCA TV strait of the truck.

III. Conclusion

A. (Restate Thesis) The uncertainties of getting the TV to the customer hopefully are not many but could be any one of the given.

B. (Summarize main points)

1. Just getting the TV from the back can be a chore.

2. Never think your job is done when you have the TV down.

C. (Tie Back to Attention Getter) The statement “Will this massive TV fit in my tiny, little car,“ should not be heard if people would just think a head.

(Reason to Remember) Not every TV I would get down was a hassle. There maybe one or two obstacles in the way but if everyone did there job I would have nothing to write about.

{September 18, 2005}   Computer Love

Are computers becoming too realistic? Head over to Hot or Not and see for yourself. This digital image of a fictional character is being passed off as a actual person. An to top it off, we’ll call him “Rude”, Rude is rated as hot! A lot of people think cartoon or videogame characters can be good looking, but I’ve never seen them perceived as real people. Are we heading for the destruction of mankind as in the Matrix? Or is this the starting of what we all need…a little “Computer Love.” Check up on Rude’s standing here http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=ERELBUH&key=GGG and don’t be afraid to vote, after all his AI feelings can’t get hurt. Right…? 

{September 16, 2005}   TGS WTF?

Ok, what in the name of Bill and Ted is going on? Nintendo’s new controller is modeled after a TV remote control? How is being modeled after a 20 year old invention supposed to new and innovated? And why do I need my other hand free when playing videogames? Oh ya! So I can pet my cat and chop onions while I play. This is a great Invention If you got your arm blown off in WWII. Thank goodness for third party controllers that will make a two handed one. On another subject "let’s rehash Snake again in another Metal Gear and let’s make him old as dirt." That is one of the most ignorant ideas I’ve heard since that retarded controller. MGS2 was cool because you played as someone rather then Snake, but everyone whined and moaned that Raiden was a jackass. Now Metal Gear is just an money making sequel cranker. I wouldn’t have said this two years ago, but it’s a good thing that Microsoft is in the consol game, so I can play reliable games with both of my hands.

{September 14, 2005}   Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Wow, this movie was better then I expected. First lets get the bad out of the way. The story was a little confusing and cheesy in some parts. Although Cloud is the main character of the story, they seemed to over use him in almost every fight that took place. I would have rather seen some more of the other great characters do some of the action, but this is all very minor. This is an action movie by far. It has tons of original fight scenes and the visuals are pure eye candy. The Japanese voice actors did a great job and the music was used in all the right places. They kept a lot of the original tunes form the game to satisfy all the fan boys like myself. This movie is not necessarily late but it should have been out four years ago instead of that other piece of chud we got. Now all Square has to do is make a movie of all the other Final Fantasy games as well as they made this one and I can die a happy man. If you liked the videogame and don’t see this movie then you suck. I give this one 4.5 out of 5.

{September 12, 2005}   Human Nature
No, this is not some life lesson about human nature. This is about all the songs that sampled "Human Nature" from the Thriller album. We got, of course, Michael Jackson, Boys II MenSWV, Nas, and Miles Davis. And there are alot of smooth jazz remixes as well. This is one of my fav.s from Michael.

et cetera